Our Mission

Our mission is why we exist; our purpose.

Develop scholar's aptitude, attitude, and appreciation for academic excellence, cultural diversity, and social justice.

2018-2019 Instructional Focus 

IF we systematically use data to continually improve pedagogy, THEN our students will make accelerated growth towards surpassing grade-level learning goals.  

2018-19 Equity and Excellence Focus

IF we raise our individual and collective consciousness of how racism, sexism, and trauma shapes how we understand and interact with leaders, THEN we will better able to create and sustain an anti-racist, anti-sexist community that nurtures and guides every leader toward social, emotional, and academic success.

Our Vision

Our vision is the school we are working to become in the not so distant future.

An alliance committed to raising social justice leaders able to apply critical thinking and literacy skills to resolve real world problems that plague our neighbors, communities, and world. A beacon of strength and pride, Bronx Alliance engenders hope, encourages diversity, and incites activism in and through the lives of our students, families, and community.

Our Values

Our values govern our daily decisions and interactions with ourselves and each other. They are our personal commitments to self and community.


to press forward in the face of fear, fatigue, and failure


to take charge of responsibilities and own mistakes


to listen to understand and speak with clarity, concision, and compassion 


to encourage and support others toward achieving a common goal